Becoming Friends With Anxiety

“If this is what it feels like to be alive, I guess I’ll take A slice of it.” -anxiety


Anxiety creeps upon you, or it blows up inside you when you’re drinking your afternoon coffee “trying” to have a conversation, “trying” to form a friendship with that person you just met. “Trying” to even go in and get a coffee to start with. Ah, anxiety.

Sometimes, I sit there. In a public place and wonder how some people keep it together so easily, how? How are they not exploding? They make life look so easy. Simply communicating. Are some of them experiencing the same?

“What do I do with my hands? Should I cross them, put them on my hips? Why am I starting to jitter. Should I look into their eyes now? Or look away for five seconds so I’m not being intense? I can deffinitely feel my eye twitch. I’m just going to keep smiling to hide my exploding volcano going on inside right now…”

“What if they notice I’m losing it?”

I think I got this? Nope.

Haha who can relate?

I won’t lie, even though I have anxiety, I am also a social butterfly and love connecting with people. So how did I push myself out of my comfort zone?

I let myself feel it all. I basked in the anxiety, it helped me reach a new level of myself at the same time.

When I say to feel it, literally feel it. Focus and quiet your mind to the feeling that anxiety emits, it becomes spiritual here. It also allows you to read yourself and why you’re having anxiety in the first place. It may not be easy right away, but you will truly become friends with it when you look at it from a learning experience through feeling instead of trying to escape it. The more you try to run from something, it will chase you even more. In focusing and quieting my mind, I then shift to an object around me, or any form of matter and I become it. This is where I channel and anchor my anxiety into something calming or happy. It has also made me become more aware, so within this you go even deeper.

It no longer has control over me. It could be anything. What emotion does that thing bring out in you?

If it’s a bird, what would it be like to be a bird? What does a bird resemble or make you feel perception wise? It could be anything. Even a person, how do they inspire you? Just make it an anchor for yourself and channel into it. This is not to escape the anxiety or run from it, rather transform it.

I still have days where I have it really bad. Although I have grown from it all, I have looked deeper within myself. That’s why I’m sharing this with you, so maybe it can help you somehow dear reader or someone close to you.

Peace and love,

~ Moonlightladybug

I Speak The Language

Taken by Sophia Avery

🍂I speak the language of the animals,

dance to the tune of Gaia

and sip the salt water ocean.🍂

~ moonlightladybug

© Sophia Avery 2019

I Just Paint

When I feel really ripped apart I just paint, myself as canvas, paper, whatever is there

I just set myself free.. painting is my favorite form of art and expressing myself, along with blasting music at the highest volume, while crying my eyes out..

It’s my high, my most liberating way of healing

it’s how I make sense of myself.

~ moonlightladybug

Less Is More

Taken by Sophia Avery
Taken by Sophia Avery

🥀 you wanted me less,

it made me want myself more. 🌹

~ moonlightladybug


Taken by Sophia Avery

Distance doesn’t matter to me anymore. I can still feel you with all of my senses.

~ moonlightladybug

The Violence Of You – A Poem

Taken by Sophia Avery

My heart never understood the consequence of loving you,

my mind wanted to dance with your violence,

and my soul,

well it waited patiently until I saw how much I was blinded by burning.

~ moonlightladybug

© Sophia Avery 2019

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